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Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks

Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks

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Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks

Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks

Regular price $14.97
Regular price $14.97 Sale price $24.00
SAVE 37% Sold out
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Heidi Parsons submitted this photo of her journey using the Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks. Congrats on the success!

“I have bunions galore and they're beginning to rest on the lining of the soles causing irritation. Found out about this Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks and it fixed the problem. This socks has not like the bunions pads to pulls my skin. A friend then recommended me to try this and it is conveniently comfortable and no mess like the pads that needed to stick with adhesives. The first time that I’ve used it I can already feel relief and it also helps me to keep my big toe in proper alignment. It’s been weeks now and I’m proud to say that this socks has remarkably helped my bunion, my feet feel better and there are no more occasional pain even when I wear shoes. I can even go for a run or play sports games now perfectly fine. If you have a bunion I would HIGHLY recommend these socks.”

Understanding Bunion

Bunion or hallux valgus is a deformity of the big toe joint, which is caused by an abnormality in the way the big toe grows and is connected to the foot. The deformity causes a bump to develop on the side of the big toe, which makes it increasingly painful to walk.

If left untreated, bunions can cause uncomfortable pressure, pain, and limited mobility, even leading to hammer toes and osteoarthritis in the base joint of the big toe. There are multiple other causes and contributing factors to bunions, some of which include:

  1. Obesity
  2. Previous injury or surgery
  3. Joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and pseudo gout
  4. Flat fee
  5. Genetics
  6. Wearing ill-fitting or tight shoes, especially high-heeled shoes

Revealed: How Americans Over 30 Are Getting Relief from Bunions Almost Instantly

Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks are designed to correct misalignments and bunions of the foot. These fabric socks follow the natural curve of your feet and exert gentle pressure on the instep, which realigns the big toe into its proper position.

94% Experienced Relief

How The Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks Helps On Relieving Pain

Long days on your feet can cause serious foot pain, especially when you have bunions or overlapping toes. Wearing Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks can help relieve that pain in a natural way by penetrating and soothe the underlying tissue to reduce aching and pain.

This sock helps stimulate the lymphatic system, so lymph fluids circulate throughout the body, increase circulation, reduce pain and swelling, speed up your metabolism, relax tense joints.

Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks not just relieves your toe from the discomfort, pressure and inflammation caused by bunions, it also helps alleviate the bunion, so that the joint will not be deformed again. Relieve pain and overlapping toes without surgery.

"Apart from the gentle pull, they look and feel just like regular dress socks.
This means Orthoes™ Bunion Relief Socks can be worn anytime, with any shoes, slippers, or orthotics, and as tabi socks - even with jandals! It is entirely up to you for how many hours a day you wear the socks, and nobody will even be able to tell you are taking care of your bunion," says Dr. Jacqueline Sutera, DPM, and podiatrist.

What Makes This Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks Be The GREAT CHOICE?

 Correct posture and bunions. They eliminate pain by realigning the fingers to their initial position and thus reduce stress on the joints.

 Improve circulation. They provide better blood circulation and facilitate the return of venous blood.

 Reduce swelling. Thanks to its ergonomic design you will be able to reduce the swelling of the feet from its first use.

 Comfortable and easy to put on. As it can be used discreetly in any situation, you will be improving your bone posture while walking.

 Universal size. You won't have to worry about the size, thanks to its ergonomic design it adjusts to the natural size of the foot from the first use.

The Perfect Companion Of Your Bunion

Here are some of our happy customers:

“My mother had bunions and she wanted surgery, but I told her about this product and she tried it. She has wide feet and bunions on both feet, and wearing these socks is the only way that she can comfortably wear heels. It helped her walk all day long and keep her bunion from getting worse. We’re so happy that we found these Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks!” - Clerence Mueller 

Frieda Warner and her story:

Week 1: When I came across Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks, I was in so much pain that I could barely walk. I had been struggling with a bunion on my big toe for years, and it had gotten to the point where I was constantly having to take painkillers just to be able to walk. Every time I took a step, it felt like I was walking on broken glass.

Week 2: For me being able to walk again without pain is important—and that's what these Orthopedic Bunion Relief Socks did for me. After wearing them for just three weeks, all the pain was gone! Now I don't have any trouble walking at all—I can even run!

Week 4: After 4 weeks of wearing these socks every day (and sometimes twice a day), my bunion was gone! I tried everything—bunion pads, gel insoles, gel toe caps—but is the only one that aligned my toes.


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